How do I register for the program?

All registrations for the program are done online here on our website, follow the registration tab, find your training age and time then fill out the prompts and make payment. 

What are the benefits of the Academy?

Our coaching staff are fully qualified under the Football Federation Australia (FFA) National curriculum guidelines. The program is based on the national curriculum methodology of the Skill Acquisition Training Phase. This includes the principles of play in both attack and defence, while executing the four core skills of first touch, striking the ball, running with the ball, and 1 v 1. It is through our program that we aim to foster our player’s development creating smarter and faster players to achieve their individual goals. We guarantee a high quality program that is in unison with the country’s football goals.

What skill level does my child need to join the program?

The program caters for players aged 5-18 with all skill levels and abilities. Players undertake a grading session at the start of each term and are grouped with players of the same ability to ensure the experience is positive whilst aiding our player’s development.

What is the cost of the program?

$160 per term.

When and where does the program take place?

The Academy is held out of Bella Vista Primary School on Fairway Drive. The program runs for 4 terms each Monday evening. These terms consist of 2 9-week training blocks in term 1 & 2, followed by 2 10-week training blocks in term 3 & 4. 

Term 1 – 9 Weeks
Monday 3rd of February – Monday 6th of April 

Term 2 – 9 Weeks (Queens Birthday)
Monday 27th of April – Monday 29th of June

Term 3 – 10 weeks
Monday 20th of July – Monday 21st of September 

Term 4 – 10 weeks
Monday 1st of November – Monday 14th of December

Please note due to COVID-19 restrictions Term 4 will be hosted at Caddies Creek. 

What age groups does the program cater for?

Players aged U5 to U18. Including Female only training groups for girls aged U7-U12 and Goal Keepers aged U7 to U12. 

Can the training kit be worn at all four terms?

Yes, the same training kit can be worn all year round. Players coming and going across the year can wear the same training it making this a one off payment. 

How do I receive a training kit?

Each player will receive their training kit on the first night of each term, returning players can wear the same training kit.

What happens if a session is cancelled due to weather?

All sessions cancelled due to unfortunate weather conditions for the safety of our players will be cancelled. These sessions will be missed with no reschedule or refund due to field allocations and capacity of hire of the facility.

Who is my coach, what are their qualifications?

Each coach will be placed with a group of players for the term based of our grading night. All coaching staff apart of the academy are qualified under the Football Federation Australia (FFA) National Curriculum Guidelines.

What is the player to coach ratio?

Our players to coach ration is 12-14 players to 1 coach, should there be more players in a single training group an additional coach will be included. 

Can I bring a friend or team?

Yes, we encourage all players to bring a friend or their team to the program. Please keep in mind that we will not promise that any players apart of our program will be in the same training group. 

Is there any training for Goal Keepers involved with the program?

Yes, we have a Goalkeeper training for players aged U7-U9 and U10-U12

Can i use my Active Kids Voucher for this program?

Yes, we accept the NSW Active Kids vouchers. Simply enter your voucher number into the checkout section once you have registered for your $100 discount.